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Will I put away my Dell in the storage?

I’m foremost a Mac user. There are so many aspects of a Mac that Windows just don’t give me when it comes to workflow. Windows is and maybe will continue to be a compromised product by a too large and un-dynamic organization.

But by combining my Mac usage with using a more powerful Dell for some time now, I do realize that I’m better off with both laptops. There are programs – and features within programs – that I get for PCs but not for a Mac that make me work more efficient for sure.

So will I put my Dell in storage and go back to using only my Mac? Nope – not a chance. I’m now officially a combination user, honoring the beautiful marriage between a fast, workhorse, PC laptop and my beloved Mac workflow.

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All the best! / Johan Frössén

Admin2Will I put away my Dell in the storage?