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On tools

Pens, rulers and drawing tables used to be the main tools to draw architecture. Today, architectural practices are using more and more computers to produce these drawings. Actually, the tilted drawing tables that used to fill the architect offices have been replaced by horizontal ones, supporting larger and larger computer screens.

More than the enormous impact computer performances have on architectural productivity, this tool, as every tool, has an impact on the architects themselves, their behaviours and the way they organise their lives. I am sure that an anthropological survey of the relation between architects and their machines could be interesting to bring more self-awareness on the practice.

At Elding Oscarson, we value a lot other tools like pens cutters rulers and foam-cutter. Nevertheless we also use computers as every hand drawing needs to be scanned or model pictures post-produced. We work a lot with computers but still try to consider them as a tool among others. On the office big table where we all work together, each member of the studio has his fixed workstation connected to the project network.

When we decided to try  the Dell Precision M3800, the first thing i thought apart from being impressed by the size of the linked  UltraSharp UP3214Q screen is that the Laptop was taking some precious space on my table already full of paper piles and notebooks.

But little by little, I realized how useful it was to be able to unlock from my table and screen while carrying on working on the same machine.

It brought a lot of flexibility to my everyday life, like being able to isolate from our common table to work in the meeting room, to show projects during a meeting, to work from home or even to take the computer during travels. During the holidays for instance, Jonas took the laptop in Japan and was therefore able to work on some details for Skissernas Museum. Even this week we are bringing it to a workshop in Lund with Skissernas consultant group.

Tristan Zelic / Elding Oscarson

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