The ability to say no for consumers to say yes

In a creative process, It is way more polite to say yes to someone’s ideas than to say no. Or at least it is easier to be polite when you say yes than when you say no. Ideas are precious to people and no’s easily hurt peoples feelings.

At People People we try to say no a lot, while still being polite of course. A lot of no’s make the times we say yes mean that something is not just somewhat good but truly good. The amount of no’s protect the meaning of a yes. It helps us to only reach results that truly makes sense rather than compromised results where each individual feels that they got at least a little bit of their ideas into the final design. It’s hard and it takes the ability to not be precious or possessive about what you personally came up with and instead embrace that you are a team that own the ideas together.

I’m glad to see that Apple think in the same way. I mean; who wouldn’t be glad to find out that Apple seem to share your ideas! The yes/no balance is crucial in the whole design process. When you have the early ideas, when you refine them and when you finalize them. During the finalization part it for instance become important that you deal with 3D programs that can handle a no – meaning that they make it easy for you to tweak a design, even right before it ‘s done and have all the details in place. To mention something about my Dell; it helps me with the tweaks. Our final 3D-files are heavy and sometimes complex and for that I thank my new and powerful laptop.

// Johan

adminThe ability to say no for consumers to say yes