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On daily life at Elding Oscarson

This week we couldn’t manage to follow the ‘On series’ we started with our posts in Livet som Kreatör. So instead of writing on an aspect of architecture daily life we decided to give a preview of what we are facing right now at Elding Oscarson.

The office has quite a lot of projects at the moment so the rhythm is quite hectic. The deadline for Skissernas museum Tender is getting closer and there are a lot of things to consider in the next five weeks. We are general consultant for this project, which means we are in charge of the consultant group. Tender is in this case resulting in a detailing level of Construction Documents, meaning the phase where the project has to be fixed in every details, every material, every space, everything. It is thus the moment when the future building standard is set. Very zoom-in studies are colliding with very zoom-out considerations. The project has also been recently extended to the existing courtyard that will be covered and transformed into a conference hall/gallery, with an upper light perimeter. This part of the project is quite ambitious since the roof structure has to span on the long side of the courtyard: 27 meters!

So at the moment we are pushing both projects in parallel which requires extra focus but also a lot of work to be able to meet the deadline with our expectations.

On the extension part, the current focus is to develop the hanging system for the Corten steel facade. We are creating our own system in order to be able to control the many parameters that demand the facade concept. Find one grid that works for every facade layout, flat or curved, be able to slightly adjust the steel panels on site in order to get a perfect vertical alignment but also an identical 20 mm joint in between the steel panels, solve the top detail in order to avoid seeing a little light ray in between the panels due to the steel overhang from the back facade. All these extremely detailed studies will make sure that the facade looks like it was designed, a salon-hanging of frameless windows in the park; Corten steel panels, glass and noting more.

On the courtyard we are detailing the glass band connection between the floating roof and the existing facades in order to keep them as genuine as possible. Each building has a different height, top detail , materiality, and roof so we need to make facade-specific connections. Each glass band has a different height, from 50 cm above Hans Westman’s Swedish hall to 3m above the International hall facing north. Thanks to our concept the glass sides won’t carry the roof load, so we will be able to avoid structural frames between the glass panes and only have vertical silicon joints that will reinforce the outdoor feeling. We are also working with the engineers on the column design in order to make this megastructure appear as light as possible in the courtyard, almost nonexistent; a reflective ceiling, a light perimeter, four columns.

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