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On curved lines

In the past, straight lines represented an aspiration to create perfection. Architecture was used to underline the difference between what was artificial and what natural. Pure forms and pure geometries against flexibility and spontaneity of nature.

In this scenario curved lines were not admired but if we think about what Antoni Gaudì  introduced in Casa Batlló at the beginning of the last century or if we read the words of a the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer we can agree that something happened:

Im not attracted to straight angles and to the straight line created by the man. I am attracted to free-flowing, sensual curves.

 Kenneth Frampton, when he entered for the first time in La Chapelle de Ronchamp, was impressed by the tension that the curved ceiling and the existing slope of the hill were creating. Two lines curved in opposite directions that deformed the perception of the space.

Who was lucky enough to visit the Teshima art museum of Ryue Nishizawa said that is an unforgettable experience. The curves that he creates remind of nature’s sweetness and beauty.

I have now been with Elding Oscarson for a month and I thought it would be nice to share some thoughts on Skissernas Museum. As I see it, the team designed a building from what was already existing on the site. The extension of Skissernas museum is shaped by the conformation of the site.

There are no interferences between the existing museum and the park. The entrance of Skissernas museum has got curved walls to follow the flow of visitors from the park to the museum. Like for Kazuo Shinohara the world flows ceaselessly through the small space of the house for us the introduction of a new geometry to the existing complex connects architecture to nature. The new entrance is the contact between these two worlds. Because as Siza said in his last interview at the Royal Academy of Arts of London:

We cannot simulate nature but we have to look for the contact with it. “

Antonio Minto / Elding Oscarson

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