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Graphic Cards and making awesome 3D visualizations

Todays post will be slightly in the area of Tech nerdyness. Sorry to all of you who don’t care about those things…

In my Dell I have a graphics card that is great for CAD programs. These are programs that you use to build 3D files. I just installed another kind of program that is a rendering program that you use for making awesome pictures and animations based on the 3D files. Some of the best rendering programs, including the one I’m trying now, need a different graphics card to work fast enough. In not so many words: my dell is great for building 3D files, but not for making the 3D pictures I want.

The cost of my CAD optimized card is that the pictures take ages to make – the visualization above took several hours, which is completely unacceptable. The cost of switching cards so that I would optimize for the pictures instead of the building would strangely enough be very little, while having that visualization done in minutes. Today I’m wondering if a laptop built for entrepreneurs like my self demands a Graphic Card switch.

Just for the fun of it I though it might be in place to share some more of my early attempts to master a new rendering program:

// Johan

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