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On sketches

Architecture can be perceived as a very still medium made out of ideas frozen into stone. But under this superficial immobility lies a vast – and yet quite unknown – movement: the making of architecture, the path towards an idea. Architecture, unlike other creative fields, has a quite ambivalent relation with this creative process. Voluntary prisoners of the genius myth, architects often consider sketches as hesitations, a loss of time or a lack of conceptual clarity. How often do you ...
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On models

Physical models are a quite known aspect of the architectural practice. But very often, it is considered as a by-product of architecture, a way to represent a finished project and make it more easily understandable, like a miniature of the soon-to-be-built project. As a result, many architects consider models as a luxury that is no longer necessary since renderings are producing more realistic representations of the building volume. By lack of time or interest, most architecture models are produced at ...
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